Monday, January 2, 2012


The holidays are over and the cheer is pretty much gone. It might be due to the long lines at the retail stores, people cutting you off to steal your parking spot, or places being sold out of the ONLY thing your special someone wants because you waited too long to buy it.

So I thought I'd share a few little treasures to brighten your spirits I noticed this holiday that added a chuckle to my season.

The very Cornhole Christmas at the festival of trees

The all too often seen shopping cart (exposed hairy butt crack) lean

Angry kitty in his santa shirt

And this one I saw on the customer service counter at a bookstore. Really?! This book has been red flagged...hope it doesn't end up in anyone's stocking.


Kris said...

ha ha! That last picture! I had a friend who used to work at Barnes and Noble - she said they found sex books in the men's bathroom all the time! Gross!
That cat is so darn cute.

Charles H said...

Cornhole Christmas. Nice.