Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Once in awhile, I like a good eat. Here are a few delicious items I have recently found and want to share with my Utah pals.

1. Charlie's Hotdog King - Orem, UT

For those of ya'll who like a good hotdog, I recommend the Panini dog (not pictured).

2. Beyond Glaze - Draper, UT

I like bacon. I like donuts. Why not combine them with some maple frosting?! If that doesn't sound like it's your bag, there are plenty of other pretty and yummy tasting donuts to choose from.

3. Ridley's family market bakery - your local grocer, UT

Three words: coconut pecan cookies. Best I've ever had.


Lin said...

I love bacon & donuts, I'm just not so sure I like them all in one...