Sunday, November 20, 2011


Remember when it seemed ridiculous for people to wake up at 4am to get the doorbuster deal at stores the day after Thanksgiving?

Next, when it seemed ridiculous for the lines to start at 2am?

Then, when camping out overnight was ridiculous?

But many of us did it.

Well, I have a new ridiculous: this photo was taken last night...5 nights before the "Black Friday" sale doors open. Seriously?!

What is in that ad that could be more important than being with your family for a week and enjoying a Thanksgiving day feast?


Kara said...

Or that you could miss that much of a paycheck and not just buy if for regular price at a decent hour??!

Lin said...

Nothing any store carries is awesome enough or cheap enough to get me to spend very cold nights outside of a store. Nothing!

Conservamom said...

haha! I agree!! I guess everyone has their own brand of