Saturday, August 20, 2011


You might think I'm crazy for passing up option #1 in the previous post, but my pal Katherine who went on the journey with me was already in Italy and had seen some stops I wanted to visit so I didn't want her to have to repeat.

Here goes my Baltic journey to see 4 countries in 4 days:
Day #1
Student Agency bus from Plzen to Prague to meet Kat.

20 hour bus ride which stopped at THE WORST toilet facilities along the way. (Side note: I'm pretty sure western european women pee standing up because I have no idea how else the toilet seat gets sprayed with urine EVERY time I found one).
Made it to Vilnius Lithuania.
Learned they LOVE their basketball right now
Took photos outside and inside the cathedral square

Hiked a hill to the 3 crosses for a wonderful view of the city (and nearly died along the way)
Danced around the city center.
Bought certified baltic amber souvenirs.
Ordered Kvas, tasted kvas, and learned to never get kvas again...with no help from the waitress at all.
Great day Vilnius.