Saturday, September 4, 2010


I don't show emotion in my blog very often. Unless it's about people driving really slow in the far left/carpool lanes. Dear Sir, sign says: no trucks or trailers in left two lanes. OK, don't get me started on that one.

But it's funny how maybe a few tears or hours of tears, long nap, and then a conversation with yourself (I'm not crazy) helps you think straight. My friend Michelle gave me some advice, in her own sort of way, almost two years ago. I was kinda like, "What's she talking about?!" and even had the "How Rude!" attitude of Stephanie from Full House.

But wow! today I realized it's time to wake up and smell the pavement!

I love you; you're my friend.


Anonymous said...

recently, I've considered carrying a few eggs in my center console for situations like that. it's widely thought that some(even most) people will never learn, but I am determined to sheperd them one way or another. I think that maybe, while they're scraping(rather than driving) yolk off the rubber surrounding their windshield, they'll replay the incedent in their mind enough times to figure it out.
*if you care to join me on this crusade for safer more efficient motoring, I ask that you loft your eggs both carefully and responsibly. and remember: