Friday, September 3, 2010


For those of ya'll who think I'm afraid of commitment, you read correctly...
I'm going for it.
I have decided to commit myself to a wonderful man.
A commitment I know will so be worth it in the future.

You see, this is what I'm told a normal curve in your neck should look like.

This is what mine looks like.
Thus, I have committed to 3 months with the entire staff at Lindon Family Chiropractic.
For all of you math nerds, you might have deducted this conditional statement:
If deanna has committed to see the chiropractor for 3 months, then she will be staying in Utah. Correct--Deanna will be in Utah for at least a 3 month time period.


michelle said...

you tricked me into reading this post.... I thought you were talking about a man.

peejay said...

we're the same. my neck doesn't curve normally either, and it's made me self-conscious for the rest of my life. not really, but kind of.

Anonymous said...

You look hot even as a bunch of bones

Brandon said...

I've been thinking about seeing a chiropractor. I'll have to look into this place. Thanks for the suggestion.