Sunday, June 6, 2010


Things I love about our stay in Cyprus:
sun. all day. every day.
crazy cats roaming the resort catching lizards
Aphrodite. the island of love
driving cars on opposite sides
Greek food buffets
flying with Czech airlines (love their service)
cute boys serving slushes by the pool
the Greek shuttle bus drivers who are crazy about America
swimming in the Mediterranean
hearing people say OPA! for no apparent reason
and this night when we danced with the Greek guys in funny pants:


Anonymous said...

LOVED the video! and you really should know that i make one MEAN slush. and for you, i'd serve it free of charge. OPA!!

molly said...

I love looking at your travel photos, and it reminds me how I get a big fat f minus for not posting any of mine. EEK! but you inspire me!!