Friday, August 28, 2009


You're asking me where to go to get the best pasta in town while in Provo...well, I can't tell you and this is why:
I drove down historic Center Street to get a delicious plate of Gnocchi Toscana, which I have been craving for about 3 months, only to find a sign on the door of Ottavio's Ristorante Italiano that said they have closed for good. My favorite restaurant is gone like yesterday. Ohmigosh. Could my heart break any more?
But I suppose you can purchase their crowd pleasing creamy tomato basil soup at the nearest Costco store (beautiful wall murals, accordion player, and owner who walks up to your table and asks if you are enjoying your dining experience with his Italian accent not included).


Jeff said...

That's a sad, sad story.

Kara said...

Been there done that. Awesome fresh pasta at Carrabba's. That's the way to do it. SOrry that you're fave place is closed, tho. :(

Deavon said...

So sad! I have some dirt on that restaurant though! I knew the owners. Tehehehe