Thursday, July 23, 2009


I was told I have a free weekend while my Czech family goes to Austria to some super posh Kinderhotel. (I went last month so I'm not too heartbroken). So I decided I will hop on a student agency bus and go to Sweden, Denmark, and whatever else happens to be in between tomorrow.
Then I had someone tell me I have a travel bug. This is my response:

It's true
I want to see the world
the whole thing
all of it
green and blue parts
and the little white and yellow pieces too
every longitude and latitude line possible
I love it


Britt said...

joe's brother got home from his mission in norway about a month ago; he's back there now with his parents...they're visiting norway, sweden, etc. etc. let me know if you need some friends :)

Weston Hawkins said...


Cal said...

You go girl!