Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My CZ family informed me I had a free weekend so I had 3 words on my mind: student agency bus. I grabbed my American friend Chris from the German speaking countries vylet before (the other 2 girls Jackie and Britny were headed home to Utah) and we went to visit Denmark and Sweden. After 30 hours on bus roundtrip, 6 ferry rides, and 3 currency exchanges, we had 3 days of F-U-N.

Hitting up Prague for a few hours before getting on bus #2

Our bus was on a boat...on a boat! as we left Germany.

We made sure to eat danishes, world famous Ost (cheese), and salty black licorice as we searched for the Little Mermaid, Hamlet, and Squash in Elsinor, Denmark.

We stayed with our new friend Szilvia in Sweden 1 night then hit up the town in Helsingborg for my list of Swedish treats: IKEA, swedish fish, swedish meatballs, princess cakes, and dala horses. Done and done. Back to Plzen.


The Loomis Family said...

You are having way too much fun there! Its time to come home!

Anonymous said...

Is that the horse you bought...how you gonna get THAT in your suitcase! I saw you pack and I didn't see too much room!