Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last month, I mailed a greeting card with a gift card inside home to my dad. As I stepped up to the counter at the post office/bank/dry cleaner (all in one location...don't ask), I inquired about the helpful clerk's button she was wearing on her shirt. She giggled in excitement that I noticed and told me the meaning of it. Great. Then she gladly set my envelope aside to hand stamp it and charged me $0.42 for the stamp along with the price of some post card stamps I also needed to purchase.

Today, after having a great morning of finding a gem of a book at the local used book store (it's called The Dot and the Line: a Romance in Lower Mathematics by Norton Juster) for only 25 cents, eating a salad with some super yummy poppy seed dressing, and being oh-so-happy about the lack of wind this afternoon, I started to get annoyed by the construction traffic and horrible drivers in Tulsa. My bad. But the last stop on my errand list was the post office and then I was off the road.

Keep in mind, I was at the same post office, mailing the same contents (happy birthday Brother Darren this time), and in line with the same clerk at the counter. The only difference was I didn't ask about her just as equally tacky button on her shirt today and questioned her when she wanted to charge me $0.62 for a normal sized, first-class weight envelope because she couldn't run it through her machine...which meant she would hand stamp it (which wasn't a problem last time). What the heck?! Just goes to show both your attitude and the clerks at the counter can effect the whole transaction. Beast.


Britt said...

lesson learned!

Shea McGee said...

my postal experiences have been predominately negative. used book stores however...some of the happiest places on earth.