Sunday, April 5, 2009


I desperately needed a hair cut this day so I turned down 81st and looked for my local hair salons. I went into one place that said they do family cuts for men, women and children starting at $10.95/ cut. When I walked in, the lady said it was $40.95 for women for a wash, cut, and style. However, they don't really have many women customers so they don't really style it (just a blow dry) because they don't have any brushes in the place. OK SO I thanked her for her time and walked out.

Next stop, a place that actually had salon in the name. They wanted to charge me $35 for just a cut. "Do you blow dry it or do I leave sopping wet?" was my question. $25 more for that and then extra for a style.

With a few other stops in between, I finally gave up and walked into the next salon I saw and let my sista stylist do her work. I instructed her not to cut it too much no matter what I told her (because I love to notice a difference when I get it cut but I'm trying to grow it out). When I left, my hair was slightly above my shoulders making it a little bit shorter than planned...I guess I was April fooled.