Monday, January 5, 2009


So from the post before you might be wondering why I mentioned California. Just a trip through Las Vegas to Cali for the weekend and NYE.
*NYE countdown on the strip
*Rose Parade or bowl for some
*making chinese lamps and playing with legos
*game night at Aunt Shelly & Uncle Jeff's house
*Geisha House with Dory and Dane
*free tour of LA with tour guide Dane (including the Disney Concert Hall, Brody J's apt, Yogurtland...divine!, Hollywood, stars, Santa Monica pier, Venice canals, Hickoryburgers, and so much more...all in like 3 hours)
*getting lost in Santa Ana for 2 hours and having gas station attendants tell me to go a different way each time...thank you Mr. Police Officer for the right directions
*eating Jack in the Box
*and the gorgeous ride home back to the snow (PS not really gorgeous I hate Nevada)
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Britt said...

sad that we missed you in vegas...but not sad that we weren't on the strip. been there, done that, almost died :) looks like you had a great time, as always!

Cal said...

this sounds like so much fun. I have never done new years in vegas but sounds like a good idea. PS. No IN N OUT?

Deno'N'Mo said...

Hmmm. you forgot the best thing in Cali and that's...ME!!!! Thanks butthead for not coming to see me. I can't believe you were in So Cal and didn't even call! :p