Wednesday, December 24, 2008


(To make this blog 25x better scroll down to the video at the bottom, push play, and turn up the volume while you read--you know you want to)

Not too excited this Christmas and doing some shopping for myself, I might have been a little mean to the salesperson who said, "These are cute, but they look too small for YOU. Are they a gift?" by thinking, "Thanks b****, I don't need your opinion. Merry Christmas."

BUT, through a few small acts I was reminded of the true meaning of Christmas again:

Talking about the family manager scene reenactment they are going to perform on Christmas Eve together...
Max: I'm going to be the shepherd. I need the hook.
Jacq: Hello, I baby Jesus.
Xander: I the donkey. hee haw! hee haw!
Barrett: ...not sure exactly what he said.
We then went through a list of who other family members were going to be.
Me: Well, who do I get to be?
Max: Nothing. You aren't invited.
Oh sad. A few minutes pass.
Max: Actually, Auntie Nana, you can be the camel but you have to get your own costume.
So sweet...he made room for me in his stable.

In less than 2 days, after being informed about a family who recently moved to the area and wasn't going to be able to afford a Christmas for their children, my small group of young single adult church kids had donated enough presents, food, and cash that we were actually able to supply a big Christmas for 4 families.

After a last minute cancellation, I was in charge of getting someone to play Santa for a couple hours at Thanksgiving Point. I didn't think I'd find anyone, but my friend Brady had a little Christmas spirit up his sleeve. His reward: a gift card from TP, me sitting on his lap, and a promise to watch a black & white Christmas movie with him.

I went to my first ugly sweater AND white elephant gift party (even though I hate those...bad childhood memories). They weren't quite as amazing as the Christmas party from the video of my fave Christmas song EVER below, but festive nonetheless. This song should ALWAYS make your holiday smile gay and bright!

In closing, I don't have cards to mail out, but I hope the holiday spirit finds you (even if it's just a little bit) this Christmas. Remember the real reason we celebrate, be happy, and know that deanna loves you. yadda yadda yadda.


Freddy said...

K....Deanna? You are the cutest thing EVER! You are sooo cute in your sweater and bow!

One word: YUM!

Anonymous said...

your too funny!!! GAY christmas is right for the song!!!

Jaimee said...

I love you too! Merry Christmas D! And I think you have a secret lover named Freddy!! ;) He's cute!


Freddy said...

Listen to what Jaimee says. It's true. ;)

Merry Christmas Deanna!

Deno'N'Mo said... really love that song? They have played it on the radio 10 TOO many times, and everytime it comes on I think, "What a stupid song!" and then have it stuck in my head all day, thanks Deaana! Oh well, :) Merry Christmas anyway!

Leslie said...

I feel gayer having listened to that song. Thanks Deanna!!!

( I actually like that song when Taylor Swift sings it.)

Cecilia said...

you are so cute... people got it right. you got me in the Christmas spirit, even though my Christmas isn't for a few more days... watch out for Santa, i'm sure he thinks you are hot!!!

Unknown said...

I actually prefer the Jimmy Eat World cover of the song myself. As for the picture . . . you look great, but the guy in the kilt kind of creeps me out.