Friday, November 21, 2008


That's how you say it in Czech, but I've been told they are more conservative when it comes to offering that phrase. I just can't help it. I love the Czech Republic--everything from the people to the food and the smelly kids on the trams (ok that one was a lie).

Things I've learned from my local neighborhood players:
1. If you're cold-wrap yourself in toilet paper.
2. Electric fences WILL shock you if you lean on them and the zoo staff will follow you around if your friends start touching it too because they loved the face you made when you touched it.
3. When you are a visitor in someone's apt/house you WILL remove your shoes and wear their slippers and then they will offer you a drink and food. If you don't take the food they will offer you something else. After the third offer and refusal they will just give you something without asking anymore.
4. The phrase "I speak English" can both get you out of most bad situations (unless the other person is the tram police then they don't care) and make you the most popular girl on the block if it allows others to practice their English.
5. Gypsies might be nice, they shouldn't be trusted, but they might be nice people. And it is definitely bad to punch them or want to punch them.
6. Some people really do cook from scratch and the word "homemade" was redefined in my personal dictionary.
7. Teaching Czechs naughty English phrases (ie. telling them to say "Boo, you whore" to the nasty secretary in the office) isn't's funny, but not nice.
8. There is more to life than just beer. There is also sausage.
9. Visas are overrated.
10. Objects in the brochure might seem more beautiful than they appear.

Tak. I loved the CZ, but, America, I love you too. See you soon--I'm coming home! Miluju te!


Jaimee said...

O yay it's Sunday so you've been in American now for what--24 hrs!! We've missed you here!

So I kept meaning to tell you no need to quit now you might as well keep up the great nanning thing since your so awesome at it and come live w/me and help me out w/my crazy kids!!! Now that's an idea.. Room downstairs, bathroom and a kitchen now that's gotta temp you a little--if that doesn't than maybe the hot tub,big screen, pool table & air hockey table will ;) I know I'm bad--my nanny is leaving me to move to Oregan and I only used her one day a week so I could catch up on office work but if your looking we're selling ;-) hehe love you miss you and glad your back!!

Sean Duggan said...

That's awesome