Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sometimes it feels so right when others might think it's so wrong--So let's get it on...the thankful list...and enjoy EVERY minute of life. This Thanksgiving, I AM THANKFUL FOR:
*tears because it makes me appreciate every smile
*my pants being a little too tight because it means I have food to eat (but not TOO tight and this one will only be temporary...dang you goulash and dumplings for tasting soo good)
*the hole in the sole of my favorite shoes because it means I have 2 legs that work and I'm able to walk
*a phone call waking me up when I've finally beat Mr. Jet Lag and fallen asleep because someone is thinking of me or feels like they can confide in me
*a big pile of laundry because it means I have clothes to wear and keep me warm
*bad hair days because my true friends will still want to be seen in public with me even if my hair do is worse than a Britney Spears hair don't
*sore muscles because it means I have been working hard
*stains on my shirt because it means I was given a hug from a cute little face with dirty hands
*being away from home because it means I get to come back
*the awkward feeling of walking into a room and not knowing a single person there because a stranger usually turns out to be just a friend I haven't met yet
*sitting through an hour of "remember the time deanna did this stupid thing" because it means I have brothers who care about me
*sometimes losing the game (although it doesn't happen very often) because it teaches me to be more humble
*a lame, witty, or even pretty darn average comment on my blog because it means YOU cared enough to spend a minute or two and read my random thoughts


Shauna said...

LOL. . .the watsons are grateful for you.

Jeff said...

This is a lame comment to let you know I appreciated your list of things you are grateful for. It made me happy.

Kara said...

Some of those made me tear up...