Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I believe every person of voting age, should be an active citizen and VOTE!

The temptation is strong to allow civic participation to become so totally overshadowed by day-to-day concerns that we never get beyond the “faithful voter” level of activity. In such circumstances, it might be wise to remind ourselves that no constitution or set of protective laws is self-executing. Guarantees of political freedom maintain their force only if citizens are willing to exercise that freedom in their own behalf. IF MEN AND WOMEN OF CHARACTER FAIL TO PARTICIPATE IN THE POLITICAL DECISIONS THAT SHAPE THEIR LIVES, OTHERS WITH MORE SELFISH MOTIVES WILL INEVITABLY RUSH IN TO FILL THE VOID.

So I voted my pajamas! I love you, absentee ballot. Do the right thing...VOTE!


Freddy said...

I moved recently and so I re-registered to vote. I started to get a bit worried when I had not received my voter registration card in the mail but mine came last night! Wahoo! I concur on all you said about everyone who can SHOULD vote. It is a great opportunity we have to be able actively participate in what is going around us. Yes, we may not have a direct affect on certain things we vote for but every time I vote I still feel like I have done my part as a citizen.

I plan on voting early as well. Maybe I will follow your example and vote in my pjs.

Cal said...

well said sista.