Sunday, October 12, 2008


My favorite conversation of the week...
cz: deanna, would you mind teaching English to this person's child on this day and this person's child on this day...blah blah boring details
me: Yeah no problem
cz: And to keep things from being awkward, I'll collect the money for you; you just keep track of the hours.
me: Ok...
cz: This sounds like some kind of illegal activity doesn't it? You doing the work and me collecting the money.
me: Yeah. I believe we call it "prostitution" in America.
cz: So that makes me the pimp?
me: Exactly.
cz: the kindergarten pimp?!

A few days later William pulls me and Ivanka in at the same time and says hug me. Now who is the REAL kindergarten pimp??


Anonymous said...

Pimps, prostitutes, kids, kindergartens, blah, blah, blah.

Don't you think you have been in the Czech Republic for far too long?

To me it sounds like you are a deal-breaker and have escaped your responsibilities to me and your country.

While you have been away this place has been falling apart. Come back!

Also, get a real domain name. What's with the Blogger ( nonsense. Shouldn't it just be or something like that.

Also, you need to see the movie Bill Maher made about religion entitled "RELIGULOUS" - here's a blog posting I wrote about it. It will probably offend half your readers. But so be it...

Deanna said...

uh...your movie will probably make it here 5 months after you get it. I hope I'm not here still. wink wink