Tuesday, June 24, 2008


If someone gave me a wad of cash and told me I HAD to spend it today or else I'd lose it (and I couldn't invest, save, or give it away) these are the things I think I would buy:
1. MacBook Pro

mac, mac, mac, mac, mac, mac, mac
Breaking the 10th commandment is a risk I'm willing to take by admiring this machine.
Available in custom colors like Ferrari Red, alpine green, and 24-carat gold with diamonds...I'll take whatever I can get and load that baby with memory and great software to boot.
(No more borrowing brother Tim's computer with the sticky shift key and shifty mousepad)

2. 2008 Volvo C70

I'll admit I'm not a huge 2-door car fan, but this one is gorgeous.

3. LASIK eye surgery

I'm not putting a photo up for this one because that would gross me out, but these peeps need a little help to see the world and it might be nice not to have to wear contacts anymore.

4. Monarchy Union Jack Flag Jeans

I've never wanted designer jeans before and haven't even tried these on, but for some reason I want a pair of these with the British flag...crazy yank.

5. Maybe a couple european chocolate bars and a new pair of chacos (that would be great to switch them out between washes so my feet don't get so stinky) and I'd call it a day. Gosh, imaginary shopping wears me out.
**ADDENDUM: 6/27/08**
I had a long walk today and realized if I have the money and it HAS to be spent, deanna is going for a day to the spa. Order me up a haircut, scalp treatment, deep condition, pedicure, and I'll end it with a full body massage. Oh snap--forget the candy bars..what was I thinking?!


Tom said...

I don't have anything against Macs, but people who rave and lust for macs are generally snobby. I'm not saying you're necessarily snobby, I'm just saying you're MacSnobby.

Deanna said...

or it's just a beautiful machine!

Unknown said...

Yeah, Macs are pretty sweet.

cami rocks the blog said...

Oh my gosh. Sign me up for a day at the spa with you. My feet are a mess after all this camping!

Danny said...

I'll take the Mac. And yes, I'm a total mac snob and not afraid to admit it to all the groveling PC peons groveling at the feet of Steve Jobs.

Thank you Macintosh.