Sunday, June 22, 2008


Two weeks in Lignano and I was in heaven. Now I'll share with you what Italy IS to me:

For those that like more details:
Grandma & her boyfriend forgot to pay for their gas in Austria. The police caught them and took them to the station but gma only speaks Czech so we had to go back and rescue them. Since I took a photo with the nervous boyfriend, police, and Milan, the officer laughed & let him off the hook with the ticket not going on his driving record.
I met the Italian, Polish, and Austrian beach soccer teams...and thought I broke my foot playing with them.
I touched the water in Venice...then I think I caught a disease from it.
It rained 4 days straight...but Italian rainbows are nice.
Other Grandma & her boyfriend drank 40 bottles of Italian wine in 3 days...deanna only peach juice.
Gelato venders are suckers for Americans who try to speak Italian...I got lots of free scoops.


Anonymous said...

your slide show IS making me jealous