Thursday, June 1, 2017


I had the opportunity to go to Utah Lake today to try to paddle board for my first time.
There is shop right on the lake where you can rent boards if you don't have access to one.
I climbed on and had no trouble with balance and paddling. It was quite easy.
My friend Jake and his dog Gunner were with me on another board. They were first timers too.
It wasn't sunny that day, but the weather wasn't bad.
We all had fun swimming and paddling. Then the weather changed. I could tell even Gunner dog was a little nervous.
It started to rain and got pretty windy. We started to get waves and paddling became a little harder. I remember the guy at the rental place told me to paddle 3 times on each side or else you will paddle in a circle. I started doing circles. A boat full wakeboarders saw the waves and slowly drove up to Jake to ask if we wanted them to throw a board out for us to help take us in. He declined. I would've taken it because I worried I was going to keep getting pushed out farther and have to start a life at sea as a mermaid. Thankfully, the waves calmed down, I said a little prayer, and we made it back to the dock. 
The weakest links needed a nap afterwards.
Paddle boarding is fun...on a clear, sunny day.
Get out on the lake and give it a try.