Sunday, September 25, 2016

2017 MAZDA CX3

Guess who got a new car.
This girl (me).
I have been searching for products that will help keep my new automobile looking cool and in great condition. I mean, cars are expensive and I hate being embarrassed to drive someone in my car because it is dirty or messy.
My dog often goes with me on trips. She sheds like a maniac. I have a new rule that she can only ride in the back in my new car. This INNX quilted hammock dog seat cover is perfect for us. It is easy to set up (and take down if needed).  It is waterproof. Most importantly, it protects my interior from loose fur and claw marks and keeps Day-Z from thinking she needs to ride shotgun. #innxproducts

My new ride has leather seats, it gets super hot on my legs on sunny days. The Hippo front windshield sunshade is made of polyamide nylon and blocks the sun from the front windshield to keep the inside temperature down when the vehicle is parked in the sun (since I don't get a garage parking space). It also helps keep your interior looking good by protecting your vehicle from UV damage. It fits all cars with windshields no bigger than 57.7 inchesx29.2 inches. #sunhade

I was given the opportunity to purchase these items at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.