Friday, May 13, 2016


I have participated in the Festival of Colors celebration in Spanish Fork, UT, a few times and had a blast. This year I am going to participate in something similar called the Color Run.
In this race, participants will experience an all-new Tropicolor Zone™ on the course, where they will be bathed in a tropical array of colors and cool island scents as they pass through the shade of palm trees, arches, and island-style music. At the Finish Festival, Color Runners will enjoy even more fun at Rainbow Beach, an interactive island featuring music, dancing, unique photo opportunities, and massive color throws.
Each Color Runner will also receive a limited-edition Tropicolor race shirt, finisher’s medal on a floral-printed ribbon, embroidered headband, and temporary tattoos. We can run as a team! So join me (your own group or just yourself) and let's put on our running shoes because the Tropicolor World Tour will be the most fun and memorable 5k of your life!
Here is a flyer with the dates and info. I want to share promo code COLORSLC2 that will give you a $5 discount at REGISTRATION. Hurry...prices will go up as the race gets closer.

Let's run!