Thursday, July 7, 2011


I was checking my bag at the airport when the lady at the counter commented with, "You can tell a well-traveled person by their luggage."
To which I quickly replied, "Or you can spot an airline that doesn't give a darn about customer service."
Thank you, Delta Airlines.
I want my $50 back!

PS I left to the Czech Republic for a bit.


Pamela said...

Too true. We save our oldest suitcases for air travel. I hope your trip is enjoyable.

Really like the Shakespeare quote.


JordanGuy said...

Always quick on your feet. That bag has seen better days

ww said...

You're in Europe? Me too!!! I smell adventure!

Deanna said...

Indeed. Here is my czech celltron

michelle said...

HA HA HA I love your snappy comebacks
I miss you!!

Lin said...

Look at you little ms. sas! lol love the quick comeback.