Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have a small rivalry with my brothers to see who can give my parents the best present. Granted the Elvis impersonator coming to our house to give the sash my mom never got from Elvis live in concert, the edible flower arrangement, the stripper visiting them at dinner while at Sizzler, a hand full of lottery tickets, and that dang flannel shirt (which was purchased from a THRIFT SHOP) were good attempts. However, I think I took the cake this year.

Ever since I can remember, my mom has enjoyed reading tacky romance novels. You know, with Fabio and his throbbing manhood aboard a pirate ship. So what could be better than to place my mother as the main character in her own romance novel? I'll answer that...NOTHING! That's right, at you can enter in awesome personal information (names, cities, favorite colors, personal traits, etc) to make your book unique and you can choose either mild or wild scenes. To make it even better, I had a special photo shoot session and put an awesome romance novel pose on the cover.

**Taking off glove and slapping your cheek** I challenge you to beat this one, brothers. Happy Birthday Moms.


Deanna said...

PS many thanks to
for hosting the giveaway of the book (which I just happened to be luckier than a rabbit's foot to win). The moms reading experience will never be the same!

Jeff said...

Some things are too awesome for words.

Lin said...

Haha, this is SO cool! I bet your mom loved it, who wouldn't? Kudos for such a great gift :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I was reading your blog about the custom romance novels. I think that is a fun idea! Then I noticed the photo, I was shocked and pleased that you chose that one to use! You made my day!
Matt Mitchell