Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A few things I've encountered from week 1 in Oklahoma:
"Oklahoma, where the wind blows..." The song is true. As I went out for a morning run, I learned it blows and it blows COLD. Maybe this sign I saw as I was transferring airports should've been a clue.

Wal*mart is EVERYwhere and apparently, saves the best parking spots for flying birds carrying sacks of babies.

I drove by the Oral Roberts University and saw a giant pair of clapping hands. While I was there, I prayed for hair for DB, men for J, and less wind for me.

If the praying with the hands doesn't work, then maybe buying tacos from the taco mobile outside the church with the giant rotating faith sign will work. Gotta love the bible belt.

Deciding to get some kicks on Route 66, I ended up in the Art Deco part of Tulsa and fell in love with a Sunday stroll in perfect sunny weather and beautiful architecture.


Kris said...

Looks like Oklahoma is where it's at! What are you doing there anyway?

I read this blog of a British lady that now lives in Oklahoma. I find it to be quite ineresting:



Kris said...

Cute shoes and jacket, by the way.

ali-dot-e said...

Super sexy shoes!! Love the pics keep 'em comin'!!

easleyfamily said...

You are adorable...whats in Okie? Why are you there? Just a fun little trip, visiting the thriving state of OK or is there actually a real reason?

Marie Reed said...

Storks bearing bambinos should get first dibs on parking! LOL!