Saturday, September 1, 2007


I met some boy at Wal*mart at the beginning of this month and more recently we were talking about museums, art, and such and he showed me a flyer for an exhibit that dealt with fluorescent lights. Some might not consider that to be a "piece of art" like a painting is, but to them I ask the question what is art or maybe even who is an artist? My favorite answer comes from the genius illustrator Milton Glaser: Art is whatever....clever.
Here are some cool websites for some neat artsy fartsy stuff:
*This one has lots of interactive things and cool people to see

*Paint like Pollock

*I love chairs

*Andy Goldsworthy Q& have to find his photos yourself

*something for my warped minded friends

*This is just a cool website. choose blog and then search for interactive wallpaper



Anonymous said...

Good topic. I think anything someone does at an exceptional level could very well be interpreted as art. Whether it is a sculptor, skater, or healer...or heck even some kick A 1,000 year old karate man who can still put the smack down on street punks. Kicking butt can be an art form too!
PS- love the poster...especially the hidden / not so hidden 'hat' reference.