Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EUREKA! We made it to Arkansas

We had a day with no tickets to any shows while in Branson, so we decided to go for a drive. We ended up in Eureka Springs, AR.
It's really a cute little town with healing springs that you can immerse yourself in. Loved it.
Along the way we discovered these Gems:
 Ozark Jesus
I've never been to Rio, but I have been to Arkansas!
 Apparently, this is where The Great Passion Play takes place. I guess it brings thousands of people to Eureka Springs each year and the money earned is how the little town survives.
At the play site are interesting things like an actual piece of the Berlin Wall

 and this magical stone
We also saw the world's largest tuned musical wind chime
And the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge where they have tons of big exotic cats that you can get pretty darn close to.
Who'd have thought Arkansas had so much to offer?!